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How to Get Here - Part 2 Directions


Stops near the end of Ladypool Road (ask for the Farm Road stop) – find Ladypool Road (Bourkes General Store is on the corner) and walk along past the traffic lights at Highgate Road to the Pelican Crossing and the church is on your left with a car park on your right.

No.8 (inner circle)
stops at the Ladypool Road (ask for the Ladypool Road stop). Cross the junction so that you are next to the new shops (there is only one corner with shops) and walk along Ladypool Road until you come to a Pelican Crossing. The church is on the left and a car park on the right.


Central Stations
Any station in the centre of Birmingham and then bus or taxi to Ladypool Road.

Local Stations
The nearest local station is Small Heath and then a good walk to the church. Take the road opposite the station and keep straight on at the junction, follow the road around some sharp bends to a T Junction at Farm Road and Stratford Road then follow instructions from bus no.6.


From South (and East) of Birmingham –
  1. From M1/ M6, onto the M42.
  2. Leave M42 at Jc5 (A41)
  3. Follow signs to Birmingham (later City Centre) - follow these carefully as not every roundabout on the route is a straight over job - and you will eventually come to a T junction with traffic lights (and an Indian Restaurant, previously a pub on your left)
  4. Turn right (required) and very quickly - say 200 yards - another set of lights.
  5. Turn left into Highgate Road and at the next lights (say 400 yrds) - Turn left into Ladypool Road.
  6. The church is by the pelican crossing - there is a free car park opposite the church.
From South (and West)
  1. From M40 or M5; onto M42
  2. Leave M42 at Jc3 (A435). Follow signs for Birmingham and City Centre, Eventually you will come to a large roundabout (with a tree in the Middle and a PC World set up on higher land on the opposite right (there is a large Roundabout or two near the motorway, and then nothing large until this one).
  3. Here you turn right (3rd exit) uphill and shortly get to lights at the brow of the hill
  4. straight over and down the other side under a railway
  5. at the next lights turn right into Ladypool Road (the church is by the Pelican crossing with a car park opposite).
From North of Birmingham
  1. M6 to Spagetti Junction (jc6) and follow signs for City. onto A38M.
  2. At the end of the motorway stay on the main road, go under the underpass
  3. As you come out of the underpass swing right to follow the road over the overpass,
  4. then down under the next underpass and carry on under (it kind of comes up for air, but don't try to come out just stay in lane and go down under again – this last underpass is long and has a long left hand turn in it (you are still on the A38) and when you come out of the underpass stay on the left so that you can turn left a the large complex set of traffic lights that you come to shortly afterwards. This is all easier to do than describe. all the above can be summarised as “keep to the main road”.
  5. at the light (a major road junction) turn left
  6. straight over the roundabout and up the hill
  7. straight over the next roundabout and continue up hill to lights
  8. Straight over lights
  9. Right at next lights (on Ladypool Road)
  10. The church is by the Pelican Crossing.